Ky. Right to Life announces scholarship for pregnant, parenting students

A woman is speaking at the kentucky right to life rally.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (KT) – One of Kentucky’s leading pro-life organizations is offering an avenue of support for high schoolers and college students who choose life when facing an unexpected pregnancy. On Thursday, Kentucky Right to Life unveiled the “Her Future” Pregnant & Parenting Scholarship at the Kentucky State Fair.

“Studies have shown that pregnancy and birth…are significant contributors to high school dropout rates,” said Addia Wuchner, executive director of Kentucky Right to Life. “We know that one in five women in college are unmarried mothers…We know there is a need. No woman, or girls, should ever have to choose between the life of her child and her education.”

Wuchner added that higher educational attainment among mothers generally leads to higher-paying jobs, more involved and supportive parenting, safer living situations and access to healthcare for their children.


“This is critical for the children of the commonwealth of Kentucky,” she said.

Kentucky Right to Life’s education foundation pledged a $50,000 institutional match, while phase one of the funding process has set a goal of $100,000.


Sisters for Life, a Louisville-based pro-life ministry, also offers an education scholarship to address a need they frequently hear abortion-vulnerable women articulate, and the organization’s president, Angela Minter, applauded the scholarship announcement.

Minter said there wasn’t an organization like Kentucky Right to Life or a resource like the “Her Future” scholarship when she chose to abort two babies while a teenager.

“For me to stand here today and hear [Wuchner] talk about how Kentucky Right to Life are going to come together, collaborate together and offer a mother not just a scholarship, but offer her the support in order that she can fulfill the plan and purpose that God has for her life—in other words, help her to live the future that God has planned for her—I’m telling you this an honor; it’s a privilege. It’s something to be celebrated.”

The “Her Future” Pregnant & Parenting scholarship will be available to students starting in January 2024.


TESSA REDMOND, Kentucky Today Aug 24, 2023 Updated Aug 25, 2023 

A woman standing at the podium speaking to people.

Angela Minter, president of Sisters for Life, said there wasn’t a resource like the “Her Future” scholarship when she chose to end two pregnancies while a teenager. (Kentucky Today/Tessa Redmond)